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More than anything, you need physical balance and strength. To be fit enough you need to be healthy and not thin. Make it a point to realize that being thin is not healthy or fit at any means. As we have been seeing content detailing Pro ana, to add to its list, here in this article we are to discuss about the danger caused by the functioning of Pro-Ana websites. Take a keen read, it will surely benefit you.


Pro-ana is a collection of websites, blogs, and chat forums for individuals with anorexia, bulimia, or other eating disorders that support practices like anorexia and bulimia. It is easy to create and handle a pro-ana website and attract visitors. In other words, there is no formal pro-ana organization or fellowship. Also, it promotes the behavior related to the disorder anorexia nervous, which is similar to Pro-mia, otherwise Pro-bulimia. The urge of people behind diet plans and easy and quick ways to cut down weight actually promoted these Pro-ana Websites online. The increasing number of people with anorexia searching for support, the websites offered the content of pictures, blogs, videos, etc. that emphasized on being beautiful is to be thin and bony and more skinny.  The websites promote and encourage people to get thin which also promoted a diet chart to deduce weight as soon as possible.

According to the study in 180 pro-eating disorder websites, 98% of websites are controlled by women. They post their super-thin body pictures showing vast weight reduction and visible bone structure with the hash-tag “ thinspiration”, “thinspo” etc which the users consider it as an inspiration, while admin themselves suffer from the eating disorder. The targeted audience of these sites is mostly young adults believing that having a slim body is healthy. They consider it as a mere lifestyle. In addition, there are many supporting blogs and social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram which builds in healthy conversations between those having the same disorder.


Some consider the sites to be the non-judgemental space for them to talk about the disorder. From the outer side, a person who is not experiencing an eating disorder may be shocked and confused. Everyone’s viewpoint is different many claims that the sites offer support to help individuals suffering from eating disorder. The sites disagree with the doctor’s statement considering this as a disorder rather than them accepting this as a lifestyle that they believe it works. “There’s this darker side were people encourage other people to be anorexic or bulimic. It can also be considered as a marketing site where people think it’s okay to be anorexic”.

Says maria Rago, President of ANAD. She further adds that she doesn’t want anyone to be treated as criminal for starting these sites. An additional danger of pro-ana sites is framing membership in the community of individuals with anorexia or bulimia as an elite group. Consider that, many individuals in America, particularly young women, and adult women started thinking that their weights and bodies as imperfect yet persist in their daily diet and exercise/lack-of-exercise routine.

From the perspective of a person involved in pro-ana thinking, individuals with anorexia or bulimia are taking charge of their feelings about their imperfect weights and bodies. In this way, they are superior in action and they think that they are ahead of the vast majority of people. Researchers believe that efforts to ban these sites will do more harm than good. The sites claim that they provide support which helps the anorexia to get rid of their anxieties and frustration about their disorder.

These eating disorders further pressure to create mental illnesses, but it’s usual to have complicated feelings, as they are just a routine in our daily day life. People with the disorder should find a positive way to recover from it. Like engaging themselves in a positive conversation with the people already recovered. When people access some websites to make them feel understood, more often they end up in some sites which might be dangerous which can make people feel negative about the disorder.

This leads to the next stage of the illness becoming more ingrained and hard to break from. They are misrepresenting symptoms as lifestyle choices. Some researchers claim that it has the highest mortality rate of any psychological disorders. Also, one site states that “ This site does not encourage you to develop an eating disorder. Instead, it is a site for those who ALREADY have an eating disorder and do not wish to recover. If you don’t have an eating disorder, better it is that you do not develop one now.

You may wish to leave”. Professionals are concerned that the sites are providing support for the people struggling with the methods to achieve their goals of becoming thin and lean, which is distanced from the side of their family and friends. Members of such a group may endorse anorexia and bulimia as desirable. They share all the crash dieting plan for those impressed with the pictures of thin bodies showing rib cage and bones. Users may compete with each other during the diet which is unhealthy as the sudden change in habits is dangerous.

They might share everything related to disorder to make people thin like inducing vomit which is bad for health and when vomiting the acid in the teeth erodes in the case of continuous vomiting. A survey by an Internet security firm found that there was a constant increase from 40% to 70% in Pro-ana and Pro-mia sites from 2006 to 2007.


The sites provide a way for them to connect with the different people across the country and find support from the people who have the disorder. These sites are popular because they offer people to express themselves candidly. There are many online communities like Webiteback giving health advice and wellness tips and also mobile applications to recover. The body-positive bloggers like Bodyposipanda can serve as healthy and safe than the pro-ana and pro-mia sites. There’s a page in Tumblr that NEDA runs were people can find support and assistance to recover and it provides healthy content and its safe.

While some servers of Yahoo, have deducted and stopped pro-ana sites to operate, individuals in the pro-ana community have found a workaround, such as running “diet sites” that contain the same information. In short, changing the name of sites or stopping the use of the keyword “pro-ana” can allow individuals to get around these blocks. It is difficult for internet servers to block content, the information may still be posted online. Lack of support might make people go through anxiety and frustration, recognizing a Public forum will help people to find their way to recover, when they are finding a way its important that they should be in a positive forum helping them in a healthy way, Also talking to the people who are experiencing the thoughts and feelings gives mental support and positive feelings.


Families play an important role in treating anorexia. The treatment is a form of family therapy that enlists parent’s aid in getting their children to eat again. Early in the treatment, clinicians invite the family to share a picnic meal. That gives them a sense of family meal patterns. It also allows them to suggest ways parents can get the child to eat more. After some sessions, the parents claim that the treatment is working well as their children are eating proper meals with their aid. The treatment allows one to gradually take over their control of eating. The treatment is known as Maudley’s approach in which the initial treatment starts with the weight restoration conducted for 12 months including 15-17 clinical sessions.

The second session allows children to take over their food habits and the third session involves complete taking over. However, the experiment is almost successful for children but not in the case of an adolescent it is successful all the time. Mental stability is needed to take over their habits. This treatment is unlike pro-ana and pro-mia offering severe diet plans, it focuses on the successful outcome without starving. If you are looking for people to share, consider joining the Eating Disorder Hope Pro-Recovery Movement, a group of individuals who support life, hope, and recovery from an eating disorder. Know that you are not alone and that there is a community of people here who want to rally behind you and help you thrive life truly.


In the series of our recent content, we have been constantly focusing on PRO-ANA. It shows how needed it is to be in the discussion forum. Hope this content focusing on the dangerous aspects of pro-ana sites helped you. Stay healthy and wiser first.

  • Updated March 24, 2020
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