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Hey folks!!! its seems to be wired but it’s still a fact, there is a standard growth of population behind the concept of being beautiful is to be thin, bonny skinned and what else, everything that could define being slim. But is it the real beauty? Or the real term to define being healthy? Not at all.

Yet the increasing population in these sectors where online forums are helping in the hike of these communities is seriously dangerous. This commonly leads to PRO-ANOREXIA and BULIMIA disorders. In simple terms, you can name them as Eating Disorders where people tend to follow strict diets that actually put them ill. In order to treat doctor’s advice to take a proper diet with wholesome protein fiber fat and vitamins.

The increasing forum and social hubs in the social media platforms grabs a lot of innocent minds into this and actually manipulate them to their ideologies of being slim and influences in a manner of inspiration. Most of these sites have girls posed in their skinny figures that tempt the people. This Anorexia is not only found among girls, but also the boys.

There are two types of Anorexia, the first one is Restrictive Anorexia where people avoid a complete intake of calories and lower food consumption. The next is Binge Anorexia, here the person purges right after their meal which is harmful and also uncomfortable.

Causes of Anorexia

Let’s discuss the causes of Anorexia disorder for being more common among youth today, and to actually come over something you should know its causes first. Anorexia is a dual disorder that is affected mentally and affects physically also.

The first reason could be stated as Inspiration that is person to person. The impact of media by body shamming and the necessity to be pretty is the most acceptable cause of this situation. Without realizing the lighting, edits, and effects behind in the social media, people in reality wanted to look like the models and actors and follow stuff blindly without discussing.

The next cause is the aspiration to like a few actors and models out there. And for this media and the other social forum are the major reason. People tend to go behind their aspirations without questioning, not even for their sake. The main point here is, when you adopt certain stuffs to be like them, your first step is to change your diet which can be stated as the main reason for developing such an eating disorder.

At certain cases, this eating disorder can be genetic or triggered by the habits of people around them.

So treat with this, one can consult a nutrition to suggest proper diet and enlighten with the importance of having healthy food. This can help the patients to go back to their previous weight and stay healthy. Through eating disorders, people may develop many health issues like malnutrition, irregular heartbeat and so on, by losing weight. And when this prolongs to such a case, the person is to be taken under serious medication.

On the other hand, when this eating disorder is identified as mentally affected, the person needs a therapist rather than the medication, and a therapist will be more helpful for them to recover than medicines.

The next is the emergence of Pro-Ana Chat groups online, where people with anorexia interact with each other, support and share their sufferings, show that they are alone, and educate each other with their ways of recovery and aids, which actually paves as a effective method that is positive and helps to recover sooner than expected.

Pro Ana Chat Buddies – find them online

To find Pro Ana chat groups is not something hard, simply you get them when you do Google search. There are a number of forums, websites, blogs that informs about Pro-Ana groups and chats. And more interestingly, people are recruited as members of these forums to talk to the anorexia’s and help them in their recovery. For this, when you come across such news or ad, contact the admin or the one posted it. That will direct to the recruiter and with few specific agreements one will be appointed as a member.

There is a number of popular chat groups in WhatsApp, as it is considered an easy and faster way to reach people with Anorexia. The chat buddies in the WhatsApp groups are of different types, like few would-be patients, few other are therapist, doctors and also people who have recovered. This is a collective platform to have a healthy and effective discussion on the topic and get to know different perspectives on what you are going through.

There are two categories in these groups, wherein one set of groups focus on accepting anorexia as a blessing, where the follow diets and fasting together, discuss fasting methods, eating habits in order to loss weight as soon as possible.

The other set of groups are recovery groups, where people help to regain their weight, get back to proper health and maintain their body fit and healthy. Which is free to eat and be like how and what and as anything they want to be.

In both the types, the common topic that is revolving is the diet plans, but with different purpose. And main motive or aim here  is to gain more chat buddies in the groups.

Pro Ana Chat Groups – Importance

It’s actually well and good for people to suffer from Anorexia to join either of these chat groups and forums. They effectively help in curing people suffering from psychological problems in this case than the physical pain.

They feel uncomfortable to discuss on their issues and sufferings directly, in that case, this virtual conversation gives them hope and sustainability in their life. They can actually open up on what they go through, so this forum can actually help them to discuss on their issues. They can really feel comfortable, as there is no one to judge or criticize them. There is only a similar person in the group, where no one will think them wrong, wired, or strange or any sort.

Talking to chat buddies, is a relief, where they are supportive and productive for each other, have rights on insisting on following proper diet, they feel strong being together. They motivate each other when one skips or leaves his follow-ups and on.

Through chat buddies, the anorexia’s feel a great relief and confidence about their recovery.

One interesting news about these chat buddies is that, they were unique bracelets for identification which is assigned by the group head. This is a secret identification code for the chat group buddies.

Chat buddies – stands for each other

In the recent research, it is discovered that the Pro-ana chat groups help to cure anorexia and their therapies also work well on the patients. And this method has also become most prevalent method among the anorexia’s. Moreover, the patients feel comfortable with the virtual conversation between them, where all of them belong to the same community and no one feels odd or felt odd. They are one, they support, guide, and help each other. The similarity in the mindset, problems, and the pressure they undergo they feel one and the thought of being indifferent vanishes among them. They share similar ideas and suggestions and discuss diets which are helpful for them. They feel the collective identity among themself.

Despite the other issues and matter, the most important aid that this chat group offers to their chat buddies is that, they help the Pro-Ana patients, who are unaware of there state or needed guidance, these forum and chat hubs helps people and are easy to attract people’s attention conveniently.

These groups have consequently and consistently proved their efficiency in the matter of curing an eating disorder in anorexia patients. Their assistance have actually been a great help to many patient to recover and find similar people among them that helped to overcome their inferiority complex to face society.

Never neglect Eating Disorder

Recent statistic states that around 30 million people in the USA suffer from eating disorders and on an average of every 62 minutes one person dies out of this issue. And this is something serious to be noted and also prevention methods must be acted upon soon. Most of the patients with the eating disorder neglect their problems.

In that cause, these Pro-Ana chat groups have been supportive enough to create awareness among the people. This eating disorder doesn’t stop with it, it extends its cold hands by affecting a lot of other health issues and problems that affect both body and brain. This at case can hamper on their thinking and show evident changes in their behavior.

Women under the low weight category will suffer from mensuration periods issues, that tend to miss their dates usual which is really harmful. For this, one has to maintain proper diet and eat sufficiently.

Final verdict

Despite there being a lot of Forums open online on Pro-ana that initiates to create awareness on the eating disorder, there is both positive and negative side.

There are a few sides, that promotes Thinspiration and other weight loss method that are harmful. But on the other side, there are forums that helps people to recover from their disorder and get back to health. To choose wise is in your hands. Be wise and grow with good health. Being slim is not important or that is not beauty, you have to be fit enough mentally and physically to tackle up the world and its virtues.

  • Updated March 24, 2020
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